Projects: Rollo

Rollo is a simple iPhone app, that allows the user to simulate rolling a dice, as if they didn't have dice available for a board game. The programming is rather simple and it was initially created as a way for me to get back into programming and familiarize myself with XCode and the Apple system.

So far it has not been published in the App Store. I will however be updating it, and hopefully refreshing a lot more of my programming skills. I have attached some screenshots below, and will try to explain some of the updates a little later.

Type: iPhone App
Language: C#
Date: Mar 2012 (Discontinued)




Ver 0.1

- Initial Design

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Q: How do I add a second dice?
    A: Click on the plus (+) sign in the bottom right corner.
  2. Q: Is there any way to change the results?
    A: Multiple dice options will be added in subsequent versions.
  3. Q: How much does it cost?
    A: The app will be free when available on the App Store


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