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noun | a publisher's emblem or imprint, esp. one on the title page or spine of a book.

a statement at the end of a book, typically with a printer's emblem, giving information about its authorship and printing.

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The Site

This site has been around since prior to the Y2K bug and still hasn't really done anything of note. It hosts some email and in the past was used to run a small blog - orginally using MovableType and then WordPress (the database tables are still there for much of this and it looks like there was some Joomla too - side note, I should probably be cleaning that up sometime soon!). It also hosted a small gallery for celebrity pictures, most of which have now been removed (though I am considering putting some back). The latest version of the site was built using only Smultron, with the graphics edited in Photoshop. It should validate correctly with Web Standards and if it doesn't look too great let me know, but perhaps also just check which browser you are using - it works best in Safari or Chrome.

Hosted at MediaTemple.

The writing links to an enternal wordpress blog, orginally wordpress was running directly on the site, but since it is free, it make sense to move to the cloud.

The photo's are pulled from a tumblr RSS feed (originally it was Flickr) that is updated regularly, and the content is quite diverse; some of the images may be NSFW

The QR code on this page contains a link to this site, though it should be updated to a vCard soon. If you aren't already familiar with them - you can use your mobile phone to decode the image


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/feeds/calvin.php - A daily feed for the Calvin & Hobbes comic strip
/feeds/words.php - A daily feed for the word of the day

Last Updated: 18 March 2012